The Story

Sacred Conversations was born during the beginning of the great Pandemic. In the midst of its turbulence, it seemed clear to many of us that we as citizens of the Earth needed to change course. So I asked myself what I could do to usher this process along, not just for myself, but for people I knew who were just like me - people who wanted to make a difference in a world they saw changing all around them.  I was inspired to refine a tool I'd be using for more than 20 years, and customize it for the specific purpose of helping people identify and embrace their true calling. 

The Premise:

Each of this comes into this world endowed with purpose. Often, for a number of reasons, this purpose is hidden from us. Sometimes that's because we're living a script that was written for us by others, one we never really chose. Or sometimes it's because we've persuaded ourselves that what we want is just not practical, and that it's more prudent to settle for chasing  lesser goals.

The Solution:

Sacred Conversations was designed to encourage you to reflect on, identify, and claim your true calling. After you do so, you're then asked to identify how you've blocked yourself from allowing it to emerge. The final step is to declare a beginning strategy. After you do so, your given the opportunity post-Conversation to implement your plan with the help of  a supportive community.