What Are Sacred Conversations?

The process of Sacred Conversations encourages you to gently reflect on cornerstone questions, such as "what is the purpose of my life?" or "what is this time calling me to do?"

The intent of Sacred Conversations is to encourage you to actualize your true purpose - not as defined by parents, schools or other influencers -- but as defined by you. A secondary purpose is to help you explore how your personal purpose aligns or supports the needs of our changing earth.

These are called Sacred Conversations because in contrast to ordinary ones, they involve both deep listening and an opportunity for both self-reflection and group learning. They’re designed to be igniters or launching pads to new ways of looking at things.

Sacred Conversations provided a safe space to deeply connect with others and with myself and to reflect on my purpose and my higher self. I think those conversations are essential to build real connection and community and essential to truly understand ourselves and each other. They foster non-judgement, true listening and healing.

-- Alisa Gunzelmann, Psychologist & Integral Coach


How They Work

Sacred Conversations utilizes Dialogue Circles technology, which lead facilitator Angelo John Lewis has been facilitating for more than 20 years. Groups he’s worked with have used this process for visioning, creative problem-solving. strategic planning and a wide range of other purposes.


Benefits of Sacred Conversations

These are some of the reasons people participate in Sacred Conversations. Read the testimonials below to see how others have used them.

Clarify Your Purpose

Every individual has a unique signature, a reason they've here

Discover Your Next Step

Clear on your why you're here, but uncertain how to get there? Use Sacred Conversations to get clear on your next move

Get Support

Join a community of "graduates" committed to helping you grow and realize your calling.


Check what our graduates say!

"These conversations augment(ed) and clarified my soul’s necessary work during this pivotal time for all of us. New insights are still being woven from the threads of my first group sharing,

Tracy Swift-Hahn

Grahpic Artist

"The conversations are to the point, honest and open, address real issues, and go deeply into them in a short span of time."

Bastien E.


"I'm someone whose mostly focused on business, and I wanted clarity on what projects to pursue. This sacred space took me into a completely different yet welcomed direction. Having a space to pause allowed me to have insights about what's actually important."

Laura Wade

Designer ui/ux

About the Founder

Angelo John Lewis is Director of the Sacred Inclusion Network, originator of the Dialogue Circle Process and author of Notes for  New Age. He is also a life and business coach and consultant who has designed, developed and conducted group problem solving, team and community building interventions for clients that include AT&T, Verizon, ACNielsen, and a branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Meet Our Facilitators

Our facilitators have deep experience in facilitating all types of groups, ranging from personal growth organizations, non-profits and corporations

Tabia Lee

Educational Sociologist

Dr. Tabia Lee (known simply as "Lee") is an educational sociologist whose commitment to teacher education, social justice and pedagogical design is grounded in a decade of experience as a National Board Certified English, Civics, and Social Studies teacher in urban American public middle schools.


Author and Humanitarian 

Willem O'Reilly is the co-founder of Louisiana Rising a non-profit corporation founded to address the legacy of slavery in America. He is also the author of What Do I Do Now?: A Caregiver's Journey with Alzheimer's

Wendy C. Williams

Counselor and Course Creator 

Wendy C. Williams, MS, EFT-Adv. is a trained counselor, international speaker, spiritual teacher and course creator. She has lived and worked overseas in many european countries in her technology career which includes time as a Director of Professional Services at a tech startup.

Cindy Franklin

Coach and Consultant

Cindy Franklin is an executive coach, consultant and facilitator. She's worked with executives one-on-one, conducted strategic planning and visioning sessions with organizations' senior executive staff. Her perspective is informed by her years spent living in various cultures overseas, and by her many years of meditation and contemplative practice.

So When Can I Participate in a Sacred Conversation?

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